Spirituality refers to a belief that there are some abstract activities having no concrete reality and the world is strategically brought into being with two basic structures, spirit and bodily existence. Spiritual morality encourages a being to live hopefully and creatively, in order to keep peace and harmony in his surroundings.

As to talk about women, they have been undoubtedly playing a distinct spiritual role in the development of a society in almost all cultures for many centuries. In other words, it can be rightly said that a society cannot be even existed without the existence of woman. Creation of Eve after Adam is a solid proof that without woman it is almost inevitable to bring serenity in man’s world.

Before taking a plunge to simplify the sole purpose role in society and in man’s life or fortune of woman, the foundation of her kind must be brought into light. There are two probabilities that can be taken into consideration: Either she is a commodity introduced for keeping in work the evolutionary process or she is a truth divulged by God into an existing form. In either form, she plays a vital role in the reformation process as it is an admitted fact that women are the guardians of peace and granted with the spiritual ability to shift the whole environment of a home with her perpetual positive energy.

A woman has to come up with different roles not only at home but also in outdoor activities. At home, she is daughter as well as sister and at the same time she is wife as well as mother. So far as spirituality is concerned, it is influenced by the role of wife and mother.

When a woman becomes a wife, she takes a leading role in the development of her husband’s personality. She has the ability even to change her husband’s ripe age bad habits which could not be changed by his own or by his parents. Besides, she consolidates her husband’s sagacity and provides him an atmosphere full of positive vibes which helps him to become a profound thinker and a decision maker and then the scholar. It is a common saying that “Behinds every man’s success, there is always a women”. A very good example in this regard can be quoted of a Pakistani well-matched couple, Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsiya who were spiritually persuaded by each other personalities. And this thing became the source of salvation for them not only in this world but in the world hereafter.

Again when a woman becomes a mother, there is a sensor developed in her which makes her an impulsive protector for her child. It is righteously quoted that “A Mother’s lap is a child’s first school”. Though a mother not only takes care of her children physically but she also touches the minds and hearts of her kids as she has to shape, to mould and to nurture her offspring spiritually. These qualities are highly shaped and influenced by mothers who are good role models to them. Luckily, women have outshined as role models to their children in teaching their children the difference between virtue and vice. And in this way a mother plays a fundamental role in the formation and spiritual development of a child’s personality.

While women take care of their homes, their husbands and their children, they have some professional roles as well which lead them to serve humanity in a spiritual manner. In this way, teaching is one of the most important professions which build a student’s character morally, spiritually and ethically just like a mother as the teachers themselves are called ‘spiritual parents’. In this regard, a woman teacher can play her role more efficiently by taking Montessori classes of youngsters because according to a renowned philosopher and psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, “a child’s first five years are the most important years in building up his character morally and spiritually”.

It is evident that a woman writer, who succeeds in promoting moral values, is highly appreciated by her readers. There are many more women writers in the world not only in Europe but also in Asia who become the cause of changing the personalities of their readers spiritually and morally. One good example here is quoted of an Asian writer Umera Ahmed by whom her readers are highly influenced.

The above discussion reveals that women play a major role in developing the personalities the world.

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