“Populous cities of Pakistan”

Populous cities of Pakistan


By: Hadiya abid

All over the world, the economy based upon only one thing. Population!

Yes! Population is the key factor of developing any country’s economy. Resources and consumption makes the equilibrium of economy of any region.

If we keenly observe then we can see that population of any region leads it to the opportunities available there. As increase in population will increase the rate of working, as they find new ways to enhance their social-economic condition. This effort leads to a prosper nation and country.

But over population leads to a problem as well. If resources are not enough then it will bring anxiety to masses. Over consumption of resources end them soon.

It means that population of any region matters a lot.

If we talk about Pakistan then there are 200+ cities and all have different population, culture, languages and uniqueness. In Pakistan rural areas are more populated but now trend is changing. People are moving towards cities for more opportunities and chances to make their living better.

Here are some of populous cities of Pakistan:


14.91 million is the current population here which shows a huge crowd of people there.



11.13 million and it shows that once a person comes to Lahore he or she never wants to leave because of the rich culture and loving people here.



3.43 million is the population here. This city is the true representative of Sindh’s culture and heritage.



3.199 million. The beautiful place with mix cultures of twin cities gives you a brilliant combination of.



3.117 million is the population here. Multan is the city of Saints. The beautiful shrines here give a feel of purity.



2.723 million population of this region. It is an industrial region of province Punjab. This city is famous for its special food and wrestling. Many famous wrestlers belong here.



1.97 million people are living here. The city with rich culture and daring people is a true attraction.



Islamabad the capital of Pakistan, the city of democrats filled 1.152 million people. It is one of the most beautiful capitals around the world.


There are many other cities but these are most populous cities of Pakistan. If we look at the opportunities here then we can notice that increase in population here is a symbol of more chances of getting a job or enhancing a business.

But increase in population here is causing a problem as well. This increase in masses here makes the city congest. Over loading in a city decreases the chances of fair division of resources and jobs as well.

For example if a medical college has three hundred seats but applicants are fifteen thousands. Then there may be a chance of unfair selection of students because everyone tries right or wrong way to get the seat.

This also implies towards the poor law and order situation as well. Unfair or unjust environment creates an atmosphere of anxiety, corruption and terrorism as well. People commit crime just because they are not getting the justice or their rights have been humiliated.

In rural areas most of the people are farmers. So they create their own opportunities. Unlike rural areas, cities don’t provide such self-promoting chances.

If we look at current situation of Karachi then we can have an idea why flat system is spreading. Because high rates of migrated people created a problem of living there. So the easy and reliable way of adjusting all of them is a vertical building with lots of flats in it.

Picture always has two sides. We can’t claim that this specific thing is only positive or negative. All the things have different impact in different situations.

Increase in population is creating good and bad effect at the same time. The one thing that we need to understand that how to use man power and talent in right way to create prosper and corruption free atmosphere. But we also need to focus on our rural areas in order to maintain a balance of population because rural areas represent our culture and generate lots revenue through farming.

But control in population is necessary for a balanced environment and to create prosperity as well.

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