Pakistan Army- A brief overview of Defense, Strength, Divisions, and Operations

Pakistan Army- A brief overview of Defense, Strength, Divisions, and Operations


“Pakistan Army….symbol of bravery, wisdom and the commitment” 

After the prolonged struggle of Muslims of subcontinent, on 1947 Islamic republic of Pakistan was came into being. Pakistan is the developing country in the Asia, has variety of culture, customs and seasons. Its geography also varies and this makes Pakistan very unique among the other countries. Since the 1947, Pakistan made great progress and development in many sectors but still there is need of much more.

Pakistan army which was formed right after the independence is the backbone of our nation. Pakistan army is one of the world’s best army which contains the highly intellectual personals and their bravery and wise decisions are worldly famous. For upgrading the socio economic conditions of Pakistan, Pak army always play a vital role. Not only in country, but internationally Pak army is setting benchmark. Recently in the 2nd week of October 2017, Pak army won gold medal in Exercise Cambrian Patrol in UK.

Pak army also plays a key role in the political system of Pakistan. As it is evident from the history, to eradicate the corruption in the political setup Pak army took temporary control over the government for stabilizing the situation.

Strength of Pak army

Strength of Pakistan army is 5, 20,000. Chief of army staff or COAS has the main authority which works together with prime minister and the president of the country. His main headquarter is in Rawalpindi from where COAS control the army and also the intelligence. There are also other senior posts like master general of the ordnance, quartermaster general, adjutant general, military secretary and inspector general for training and evaluation.

In the headquarter, vice chief of army staff takes reports from the chief of the Corps of Engineers, the judge advocate general, and comptroller of civilian personnel. In total Pak army has total 16,461 land based weapons, out of which, there are

  • 500 SPGs
  • 2640 tanks
  • 1700 towed artillery
  • 3200 mortars
  • 4620 APC/IFVs
  • 200 MLRS
  • 11,500 logistical vehicles
  • 3400 AT weapons
  • 2500 AA weapons

Pakistan’s nuclear power is very strong and there is plans of expanding this. Up till now, the army contains different surface to air, surface to surface, air to air and air to surface missiles.

Divisions of Pak army

In Pak army, there are two divisions and about 20 infantry divisions. Under 9 different headquarters these divisions are grouped. Lieutenant Generals operate these headquarters.

  • I Corps (Mangla)
  • II Corps (Multan)
  • IV Corps (Lahore)
  • V Corps (Karachi)
  • X Corps (Rawalpindi)
  • XI Corps (Peshawar)
  • XII Corps (Quetta)
  • XXX Corps (Gujranwala)
  • XXXI Corps (Bahawalpur)

Operations of Pak army

Ever since 2000, Pakistan army has been involved in scuffle with the Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other terrorist groups that exist in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In 2004 May, Pakistan military suffered severe losses in war with Al Qaeda due to poor organization. Pakistan has been in the clutches of terrorist violence with a number of bombings taking place all over the country regularly.

The role of Pak army is evident against the terrorism since the 2000. Terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Taliban and many others are here from which Pak army is fighting to maintain the peace of our country.

As we all know our country suffered a great loss due to these terrorist attacks and in all these situations, there is only army which stands firmly and fights with bravery. If we look in the history there were many operations conducted by Pak army to make country terrorism free such as

  • Sawat valley operation
  • Operation zarb e azab
  • Operation rad ul fisad

Along this, at the time of disaster such as earthquake and floods Pak army is in the lead to supply the foods in the affected areas and help the victims. Along this Pak army plays a key role in governance issues and in nation developing activities like

  • Restoration and rehabilitation infrastructure development,
  • Industrial sector development,
  • disaster management
  • Running NGO’s like AWT, Fauji Foundation, Shaheen Foundation and many others which are working for the martyrs and for those who disable in national service
  • Other national tasks.

Pakistan army besides protecting its motherland, are performing so many other national duties in such absolute way that we can’t imagine. Pakistan army holds the foundation of our country very firmly. If we looked back in the History or look at the present activities of our army, one thing is for that the future of Pak army is very bright.


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